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Moriah Elizabeth, a talented artist and creator, is responsible for one of the largest art and DIY crafts channels on YouTube. Although known for her fun and creative artwork on squishy toys, Moriah will paint on just about anything-- including shoes, phones, or even parts of her room (“Painting All Of My Outlet Covers”). Moriah has combined her passion for crafts and her hilarious personality to create one of the top crafts channels on YouTube, amassing over 5 million subscribers to date. As a DIY advocate to all of her fans, Moriah has self-published two successful books/art journals designed to inspire creativity. In her most recent 2018 release of Create This Book Vol. 2, artists are met with creative prompts and blank pages encouraging them to populate the spaces with their imagination. From start to finish, the wildly successful book is completely customizable (to Moriah, practically everything in her room is customizable!). From “Locked In My Art Room for 24 Hours” to her popular series “Squishy Makeover: Fixing Your Squishies”, Moriah’s content is always fascinating and perfect for viewers of all ages to enjoy.

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Moriah Elizabeth
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